John Dowling

Production Manager
Has climbed Mount Whitney, the highest summit in the United States.

Rocky McCarthy

Director of Operations
Has donated 6 feet of hair to Locks of Love throughout his lifetime.

Doug Parker

General Manager
Has bungee jumped out of a hot air balloon and free swam with sharks.

Ryan Mako

Lighting Systems Programmer
When Starr Systems expanded into the Electrical field in 2004, Ryan was the first to join our team.

Brian Parsons

Service Technician
Is a 17-year veteran of the AV industry.

Pete Madden

Service Technician
Moved to the U.S. when he ran out of roads to ride on his motorcycle in Europe and the U.K.

Mike Boyd

Has been with Starr for 10 years now and says it's like his second family.

Tom Haslup

Project Manager
Is a published author and internationally awarded artist.

Laurie Litz

Sales & Design Associate
Was an All-American lacrosse player.

Carville Lauenstein

Has been in the electrical field for over 40 years.

Ian Beyer

Has done tours in Japan and Afghanistan as a radio technician.

Allen Himes

Has a camper in PA and a cabin in WV.

Steve Hoffer

Lead AV Technician
A 12 year veteran of the A/V Industry, Steve came to work at Starr Systems looking for a new challenge; high-end, custom residential systems installation.

Tracy Gebhard

Project Manager
Competes in local and national pool tournaments.

Jack Fitzgerald

Senior Lead Technician
Is a direct descendant of Sir Francis Drake.

Steve Holmes

Lead Electrician
Is one of those guys who's cheery disposition is hard to ignore.

Paul Hartman

Lead Service Technician
Loves landscape lighting systems.